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10 Tips From Great Music Manager's You Need To Know

Great music manager's aren't magically created overnight. But by applying great tips, you can become a great music manager.

Here are ten tips great music manager's use you need to know:

Tip #1. Put Artist's Interests First

The music industry has had managers take advantage of their artists in multiple different ways.

As a manager in the 21st century, the most effective way to separate yourself as a great manager is to put your artists interests first.

The reason is other managers are often not acting on artists best interest.

Your reputation is everything as a music manager.

When people know you as someone who looks out for others best interests you will have more success.

It takes one artist to find out you've been guiding them in ways that would only benefit you and then the trust is out of the relationship.

Tip #2. Lead By Example

Even though you work for the artist, they look to you for guidance.

Be professional, show up on time, keep commitments, etc.

You have to show others how to act in order to be successful.

They will follow your lead from here.

Tip #3. Have A Great Team

Your team is crucial to success as a manager.

As you guide artists to associate with great people. You need to have a loyal reliable team you count on to get work done necessary for success.

Each person on your team plays a role. This role is what they are here to do and should be given the opportunity to do it as they see fit.

Put trust and faith in your team to execute the job.

Tip #4. Play To Your Strengths

Do what you're good at and surround yourself with people who are good at things you're not good at.

Success comes from knowing what you don't know and hire others to get it done.

You don't expect artists to produce, mix, sing, and set up tour events.

Why would you manage things you're not good at either?

Tip #5. Delegate

Delegate tasks that:

  1. You are not good at

  2. Are not the best use of your time

  3. Require you to step away from what your main role is

Use delegation to maximize your time in the most effective way.

Great manager's know the difference between tasks you need to delegate and tasks you need to do.

Delegate more important tasks to your team as they prove their ability.

Tip #6. Know Your Market

What markets do your artists belong to?

You can have artists who belong to a variety of markets, but focus on a particular market will give you more credibility.

Know who the big players are and how their team is structured around them.

Knowledge in the market is crucial to recognize opportunities.

Tip #7. Negotiate Well

How many bad deals have been put together due to lack of knowledge on how to negotiate?

A lot!

Negotiating for and with your artist is one of the reasons managers exist.

You are here to handle business and give wise council based on your industry knowledge and business acumen.

Negotiation is one of the most important skills to have as a manager.

Understand the psychology and strategy of negotiation to complete advantageous deals.

Tip #8. Be Open

Manager's can wear many hats.

Be open to do any role when necessary.

Be open to ways that help your artists grow financially, relationally, and musically.

Tip #9. Know The Music Business

Music business knowledge as a manager is a given.

If you don't have this you'll never be a great manager.

Knowledge is beneficial because it allows you to understand what is going on to make better decisions on your artists behalf.

This knowledge allows you to receive what's fair for you and your artists.

You can advocate clearly when speaking to other professionals and create more synergetic relationships.

Tip #10. Build Courage

All great music manager's have courage to:

  • Move on from an artist

  • Negotiate a bigger deal

  • Take on more responsibility

  • Manage ego's

  • Admit you don't know

Great music manager's do things unsuccessful manager's aren't willing to do.

What gives them the ability to do these things is courage.


These are ten tips great music manager's use you need to know to achieve greatness.

Apply these tips to stand out from the rest, guide your artists to great heights, and perform at your highest level as a music industry pro.



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