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The Future Of Music Beyond 2023

What to know and how to capitalize

Metaverse, A.I, and a whole lot of things we have no idea. The world is continuously moving toward a virtual world that allows people to be autonomous with every aspect of their life.

This direction will have a trickle down effect on the music industry related to the way we experience music, consume music, and how music makes money.

Below we break down these main components and the developments that will take place.

Experiencing Music

You enjoy live performances. We believe this element cant fully be taken away. However, what if there is a way to make live performances feel as the real thing? That's where we're heading! You'll have the ability to go to a live concert without technically leaving the comfort of your home. The Metaverse will supply the virtual reality for us to do just that.

In addition to concerts, there will be ways for us to experience our favorite artists in new ways. We will be closer to their day to day experiences through augmented social media platforms that allow you to virtually step into their world.

Music experience and consumption go hand and hand. Let's explore how you will consume music...

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Consuming Music

The consumption of music will be so engrained that it will be as if you have surround sound in your body. The way we consume music will be more of an out of body experience.

Technology and listening apparatuses will be as if we are in the recording studio with the artist.

Many products will be introduced to how we listen to music. Speakers, headphones, and inventions we cant even fathom.

Let's explore the last component to the future of music, the way it is monetized....

Money & Music

The way music makes money has changed so rapidly. The music industry started out monetizing performances. Then went into selling vinyl records for record players. Then it was CDs. Now we have streaming.

Music will naturally make money in different ways than it does now. The future belongs to people who monetize music in new ways. MariNation is at the front of this movement. Music artists fund their careers, connect to their loyal fans, and have more ways to make money while creating music.

More money for music artists means more creative expression at a larger scale. The future will be full of creative people entertaining each other while being paid to do it.


The future is bright. There will be many developments for the betterment of the music industry. All things have their pros and cons however. New technology is developed for the growth of society and ourselves, but there is the other side where people use it inappropriately.

Be on the right side of history that adapts these great new developments for the betterment of your life and the people you love.

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