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What 4:30am Wake Ups Can Teach You About Life

We've been waking up at 4:30am for sometime now. The beginning was the toughest part, but since we've done it consistently it's become apart of our life.

Below is our take on what 4:30am wake ups can teach you about life.

Every Day Is New

Every day is new and different from the previous one. It can be hard to see when you get into a routine however. Wake up at 4:30am allows you to see tiny changes in the unraveling of life. The space at an early time allows this to happen.

All days begin a new. A new opportunity for you to create a life you desire. You never have to do today the same as yesterday. If you want new things in life, take new actions today.


You Can Adjust To Anything

A clear lesson shows that you can adjust to anything in life. There is always a point of being uncomfortable with creating new habits in life.

When you get past this phase, your body adjusts to its new environment. In your case waking up at 4:30am.

This is evolution in motion!

Squeeze More Out Of Life

More hours awake allows you to squeeze more out of life. We all get 24hrs every day. When you are awake for the better part of these hours you get more accomplished, have more peace, and aligned with your highest self

Time is a relative construct made by humans. When you are doing things that are boring and tedious, 1 hour feels similar to 10 hours. On the contrary, 1 hour of fun scrolling through social media will go by fast.

Our mission with this life is to make the most of what we have been given, when you wake up early you are doing just that!



This is our take on what 4:30am wake ups can teach you about life. There are plenty more lessons you can learn from doing this. Try it for yourself and see if something great comes into your life.

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