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Jack Harlow's 5 Secrets To Success

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Success leaves clues, and if you follow what others have done you will receive those results.

Jack Harlow has skyrocketed into one of the most popular music artists in the industry. We researched his story on how he realized superstardom so you can apply it to your career.

You can see him now as a success, but there were years of doubt, sweat, and tears before anyone ever heard of him.

Here are Jack Harlow's 5 Secrets To Success

1. Appreciate The Success You Have Now

Success, fame, and fortune always appear to be heaven on earth. You don't have any more problems, everyone loves you, and life is just one comfortable smooth place. This is wrong. Plain and simple.

As you achieve more levels of success, your challenges grow with you. There isn't a successful person on the planet that has completely escaped all of life's challenges.

If you will always have challenges, then appreciate where you are now. Don't fall into the trap of prolonging your satisfaction for the future that may or may not happen, celebrate your milestones now.

Jack speaks about how he and his team stopped to appreciate how far they've come, only to get a surprise!


2. Stay Hungry

This is contradictory to the first tip, but crucial. Combine appreciation for success now while keeping your drive.

Setting bigger goals keeps you going. You're always looking to improve and learn more. Use your desires as fuel to propel you to great heights.

You've achieved a level of success, celebrate it, now go bigger!

3. Eliminate Distractions

Jack 's given up alcohol and other vices in order to pursue his dreams. We would argue these aren't sacrifices if that don't serve his higher purpose. A sacrifice is giving up something that benefits your life in the progression of your dreams. If it doesn't help achieve your dreams, eliminate it.


4. Pay your dues

From clubs with a handful of people to sold out arena's. He's paid his dues over and over again. He performed shows when no one showed up. He performed shows when he doubted his abilities. He performed shows when money was tight. But he still performed.

The difference between success and failure is successful people do the things necessary for success regardless of how they feel.


5. Give Back

When you make it, give back to those who helped you along the way. Be humble and kind to those who are going through the same process you went through.

Jack is proud of where he grew up in Kentucky and supports the community that largely shaped who he is today.


Jack Harlow has achieved a level of success not many others can replicate. Apply these tips to your career and without a doubt will you see results.

Continue to learn, grow, and maintain a mindset of gratitude!


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