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4 Unpopular Thoughts About The Music Industry

What most know but don't want to say about the music industry.

There are many thoughts as to how some artists are bigger than others, how some artists seem to appear out of nowhere, why artists aren't properly compensated, why the labels make the majority of the money, how radio stations programs your mind into liking certain songs, and more.

This article speaks about 4 unpopular thoughts about the music industry that we believe need to be looked into further.

1. Good Music Is 1/4th Of An Artist Career

If you have good music that's all that matters right? Wrong. There have no doubt been master musicians and artists who have come and gone without ever making a living from their music, or their songs having exposure to the mass markets. The reason is that they only had one piece of the whole pie.

The four elements for a successful music career on a large scale are...

  1. Good Music. Even today we could debate that there are a lot of artists that have mediocre music but still get attention.

  2. Marketability. For an artist to gain traction they must be marketable to a certain demographic that aligns with their music and image.

  3. Funding. Artists who have money behind them get more exposure than the rest.

  4. Relevance. The artists who aren't complacent. Always coming out with more songs and reinventing their image maintaining the fans attention.

2. Who Holds Money Holds Power

You guessed it, the record labels and big business.

Artists sign deals with record labels because they have money to market the artist to more people, use their contacts for collaborations and partnerships, and take care of promoting using millions of dollars.

This allows the labels to maintain control over the artists music and in most cases whole career (360 music deals).

Money brings power and the big labels have billions of dollars with leverage on music copyrights.

3. 10% Of Artists Make All The Money

The top 10% of artists make almost 95% of the money in the music industry comparing to other artists.

This shows how little the majority of artists make with their music.

4. Music Creators Need More Resources

The music industry is saturated with music. There are fly by night music creators coming and going all the time. With this being said, the real music creators who invest time, energy, and money into growing their careers are the ones who need more resources.

People can spot bullshit a mile away when it comes to being legitimate about something. This is exciting for you that take it seriously because the rest inevitably fall away leaving you ahead of the pack

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