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What to expect joining the MariNation community.

Music Production Studio
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Do you want to make money and support music you love? 

MarinationMusic Mobile App

Music Support System 

Win together with fans by sharing the success of your songs. You receive money, streams, and have the ability to complete bigger and better projects!

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A New Way

"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Gandhi 

A new music community of artists creating more money to fund their dreams by allowing fans to join in the success.

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Safe & Secure

We are a registered entity that uses bank level security with an authorization process to protect your information.

Modern Structure
Justin T. Longo

Meet Our Founder

MariNation was formed in a small bedroom in Massachusetts, where founder Justin T. Longo put the idea of an investment platform for music creators into place. After producing music full time for nearly 2 years and enduring the financial challenges a music career has, he set out to bridge the gap between music and monetary value. So he headed to Santa Monica, California to build a platform that would give music creators a way to invest while being creative. 

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