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What A 1980s CEO Can Teach You About Success In Music

CEO Of General Electric (GE) Jack Welch

The former CEO Jack Welch of General Electric (originally founded by Thomas Edison) had many applicable tips for you to realize music success. His twenty years of operational experience as CEO has been condensed into five tips for you to use.

Here is our take on Jack Welch's five best tips for you to achieve success in your music career:

1. Get Good Ideas From Everywhere

Where do ideas come from? In this case he is referring to people in the company. He made a priority to listen to all ideas from anyone in the company in order to progress the overall mission.

When it comes to music, ideas are everywhere! Your ideas to make a song, reach out to someone, attend a music conference, or anything else. These ideas create your success. The key is to listen. Feel the idea. Try it on for size. Explore it wherever it leads, there may be magic at the end.

It's all about capturing intellect from every person…the more people you can capture it from, the better the intellect.

- Jack Welch


2. Pounce Every Day

Take action. When the idea is fresh and the energy is alive, do it.

The truth with creating and releasing music is you have no idea what will be a successful song and what wont. Something you thought was amazing turns out a flop and something you thought was terrible turns out a massive hit. Create, release, repeat.

"Don’t sit still. Anybody sitting still, you can guarantee they’re going to get their legs knocked out from under them.”

- Jack Welch

The solution to this is to create and release music. Simple as that. Pounce on it every day. Do this in addition to the next tip and you have a recipe for great music.

3. Quality Is Your Job

Make great quality music. You can control how well it is produced, mixed, and mastered. Make it a point to make great quality music that you are proud to put your name on.

You can clearly hear the difference from a good quality song and a bad one. Be patient with the process to get your music to quality standards.


4. Set Stretch Goals

How big would you dream if you could accomplish anything?

Goals need to be outside your abilities. This produces growth. The worst thing you can do is set "realistic" goals that are well within your abilities of attaining. This can be encouraging, but having these goals will never allow you to progress.

If you feel uncomfortable when setting goals, you are doing it correct!


5. Lighten Up. Have Fun

It's all suppose to be fun right? What you're striving for is a feeling of meaning, fulfillment, importance, happiness, and more. Feel this right now. Don't take yourself too seriously. Have fun on a daily basis.

Even if you start small, make lightening up a goal. When you're loose, great ideas seem to come.

“Leading a big company…means never allowing a company to take itself too seriously, and reminding itself constantly…that yesterday’s press clippings often wrap today’s fish.”

- Jack Welch


This is our take on Jack Welch's five best tips for you to achieve success in music. You will achieve success in music when you apply these tips. Start small and apply one of these tips to your life.

Greatness leaves clues. In all walks of life success has commonalities no matter your field, expertise, and dreams. The skills and tips are all transferable to anything you want. Now make it happen!!


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