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Why Most Music Artists Will Never Succeed With Marketing

There are two parts to a successful music career. The first is to make great music. The second is to market that music effectively.

Let's check the reasons "Why Most Music Artists Will Never Succeed With Marketing" to avoid following their mistakes.

1. Focused On The Wrong Things

List of things not to do:

  1. Buy streams on Spotify

  2. Pay for followers

  3. Advertising without understanding how it works

  4. Spam people

  5. Send mass messages, emails, and DMs that clearly show you copy and pasted it

*#5 happens too often

You may appear to have a lot of clout, but it does no good for what you really want. To have a music career substantial enough to pay all your bills and spend your days how you wish.

The most important thing you can focus on is word of mouth marketing. This means people share your music because they genuinely enjoy it or want to see you succeed. This comes from making great music and showing your fan base you appreciate their support.



2. Music Released, That's A Wrap!


Most music artists who fail at marketing think the job is done after the music is made and released.

Erase this mindset. You can make the greatest piece of music anyone has ever made, but if no one hears it except for you that's where it stops.

You put in a tremendous amount of hard work to make music, now make sure your hard work doesn't go to waste.

3. Afraid To Be Themself

Marketing is as much of the product as it is the way you communicate the product.

Pretending to be someone else or imitating someone else will not be effective in your marketing. People are smart and can tell if someone is being authentic or not.

If you don't act who you truly are, express who you truly are, and make music you believe in neither will others.

Be you! There will only ever be one of you.

4. No Patience

You posted an ad on Instagram, shared your song on social media, and told all your friends.

Why aren't you famous yet!? *Sarcasm

Imagine if that's all it took to become successful? There's 30 million new songs being uploaded every year! You can't expect your song to succeed with lack of effort and patience.

Have patience and humility to realize the first wave of marketing is not the end. You can promote a song for years before it takes off. Your efforts will fail along the way, you learn from this, and keep going wiser for having experienced it.




These are main reasons "Why Most Music Artists Will Never Succeed With Marketing".

You are not one of them now!

Come back to this post regularly to recognize when you find yourself in one of these categories. Use this to pull yourself out and keep going.

Are you a better music marketer now?


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