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The Ultimate Guide To Success

Success means a lot of different things to different people.

This article will define success, address areas of life to be successful in, and give steps to live a successful life.


Society, family, friends, and everything you experience influences what you believe is success.

Take control and create your own definition.

"Success is the progression towards a worthy ideal" - Earl Nightingale

According to this definition. If you you are taking action towards a goal, you are a success.

The underlying meaning is progress. Still subjective to what you want to have success in and what accomplishment you deem to be successful.


Person 1:

In order to be successful you have to be rich, famous, have an amazing life partner, and all the nicest clothes and material items you can imagine.

Person 2:

I'm successful because I woke up today.

Make your own definition that will make the quality of your life better.

This next section will help you do that

Areas Of Life

Here are the main areas of life to be successful in:


The main subcategories of this area are nutrition, exercise, and wellness.

If you do not have health, the rest of life is irrelevant.

In order to be successful you have to be alive first.


Society puts a strong emphasis to be successful in this area.

Wealth is an enhancer. Who you are will amplify when you have lots of money.

Wealth has amazing benefits for you to enhance the quality of your life and anyone else.


You are a social creature. Your survival was dependent on your tribe to watch your back in case of a predator attack.

Your life is made up of deep close relationships, intermediate one's, and acquaintances.

Deep close relationships will lead to more meaning in your life. They are fewer to come by, but will have your back no matter what.


Your connection to a higher power.

God, the universe, spirit, divine energy, or anything else you believe in.

Spirituality is the intangible that makes up life. You can feel wind on your face, but physically can't see it.

Everything is made up of energy that is invisible to the naked eye. It's still present despite our inability to see it.


Your reason for existing.

You can create and cultivate purpose.

A story about a cab driver in India goes above and beyond for all customers giving exceptional service while having an upbeat enthusiastic attitude.

When asked why he is so happy to do what he does.

His reply: "Transporting people is my purpose in life. I love to help others get to where they need to go."

Purpose can be anything you want. You have certain interests, follow those and cultivate a purpose.

How To Live A Successful Life

Success comes from having importance on all these areas.

Some areas are more important to you now. These will receive more of your energy and effort. This is natural.

You can have success in every single area, but not all at once.

You have a finite amount of time and energy. As you take actions, your energy depletes. There isn't enough for all areas of life with your full energy.

Focus on one or two of these areas for a period of time. You achieve what you want faster and increase probabilities for success.

After you achieve success in the years to come, reevaluate if you want more success in different areas or to take this as far as you can.

Create your best life in relation to the five areas.


You now have an extraordinary understanding about success.

You have a definition of what success means to you, the different areas of your life in which to be successful, and how to implement it into your life.

We can't wait to see all you achieve in your life!

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