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3 Tips That Change Your Feeling Of Being Lost

Do you feel lost? Have you felt lost or not sure what to do? The good news is that you are not alone. Everyone in life has felt unsure of something.

Here are three tips that will help when you feel lost and unsure what to do next.

1. Show Up

Life has an interesting way of bringing unexpected opportunities, people, and inspiration into your life. If you don't feel you can give 100% effort, still show up.

You might have dealt with the notion of pulling back. As a high achiever, you have big goals and great energy to achieve them. You want to get a ton of things done every day, and if you can't what's the point of doing anything all.

This all or nothing mindset is a gift and a curse because either you do a lot or nothing. Doing something is better than nothing. Even if that something is simple as making music for 5 minutes. Your response is "what's 5 minutes going to do for me, if I can't practice for an hour then it doesn't matter right?"

Wrong!! Every second counts in your life. Your life is the accumulation of the seconds and seemingly "unimportant" minutes.

Yesterday is not today and today is not tomorrow. Anything can happen on any given day. So show up.

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2. Be Antifragile

An Antifragile mind sees everything in your life as growth. "Good" or "Bad" it serves you.

Death, murder, and other horrific events in life are most characterized as "Bad". But just as you can see "Good" things in life, you can see these events as making you stronger too.

3. This Too Shall Pass

In the moments of life it seems things will last forever. Nothing lasts forever. The life experience you are having now will eventually pass into another one.

Free your mind from the constraints of limited thinking towards one of objective acceptance.


Life is a challenge, especially if you take action on a better life for yourself. The trials and tribulations. The ups and downs. The peaks and valleys. Experience and feel all the emotions you are feeling, because as we covered, this too shall pass.

Use this information to transform your life into one that serves your highest purpose!

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