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Trade Music Stock Risk-Free

The #1 music investing simulation with the industry's top artists on our secure platform, where you can earn real money.

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MariNation enables you to invest in music risk-free

MariNation offers a risk-free music investing simulation where you receive $100k in virtual money to invest, without any upfront costs or deposits. A way to explore music investing without using real money, with opportunities to earn real money through performance and competition.

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MariNation provides a simulated environment for educational and entertainment purposes exclusively. Please note that all transactions conducted on MariNation are virtual and do not represent actual ownership of music assets or involve real financial instruments.

Safe & Secure

  • Complies with consumer protection laws: All transactions are simulated and don't involve real money.

  • Backed by legal precedents from industries like fantasy sports.

  • Transparent terms of service clearly outline the nature of simulated trading.

  • Adheres to data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

  • Ensures legal compliance in collecting and using information.

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Select From The Industry's Top Artists

Follow 3 Easy Steps


Search & Select

Search and select top-performing music artists effortlessly with MariNation's intuitive platform, providing real-time insights and user-friendly tools.

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Browse & Buy

Invest seamlessly with comprehensive artist profiles and market insights. Explore diverse options and make informed decisions confidently, strategically building your portfolio with ease.


Watch & Win

Effortlessly track your artists progress with real-time updates and performance analytics. Monitor your portfolio with ease and share updates with friends while competing for cash prizes.

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Melodic Money Machine

Music Investing

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Invest in music artists you believe in  

Support, partner, and profit with music artists. Sign up in minutes, search our catalog of artists, and start earning money listening to music you believe in.

Why MariNation?

Rights For Creators

Music creators maintain 100% ownership of music copyrights.

Listen & Profit

Your music stock value goes up when streaming music.

Grow Together

Trading, supporting, and profiting from music together.

New Alternative Asset

Music is diverse and stands the test of time.

Music artists backed by data

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