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Profit with music artists you love

Buy, trade, and hold stock of the world's music artists on MariNation

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Invest in music artists

Get paid to listen

Hold your music stock

Follow 3 easy steps.


Fund your account

Add money to your account to start trading music stocks. 


Find artists

Search from the worlds music artists.


Start trading

Own a piece of music history while making money!

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Invest in music artists you believe in  

Support, partner, and profit with music artists. Sign up in minutes, search our catalog of artists, and start earning money listening to music you believe in.

Why MariNation?

Rights For Creators

Music creators maintain 100% ownership of music copyrights.

Listen & Profit

Your music stock value goes up when streaming music.

Grow Together

Trading, supporting, and profiting from music together.

New Alternative Asset

Music is diverse and stands the test of time.

Music artists backed by data

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Trusted by users around the world.


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Get paid to listen to music

Music artists make money when people listen to music. Because you own stock in this music, you also make money!

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