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Why Your Music Is Failing And What To Do About It

#4 Will Surprise You!

What you've been doing up to this point hasn't been working. You need to do something different. Success is a continuous process of experimentation. When it doesn't work, you keep trying until you find the solution that produces your desired result.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

- Albert Einstein

Why Your Music Is Failing

Here are the most common reasons your music is failing.

  • Lack of effort

  • The music isn't good

  • Lack of exposure

  • No strategy

  • Impatience

Which most applies to you right now?

Now that you've answered this question. Let's look at the following steps necessary to correct your course into success.

1. Improve Your Music

A fundamental way to improve your music is to make a lot of it. Through repetition you become better. Your music becomes better because you have practiced the art of creating so many times that it's second nature. This will inevitably improve your music. Even if you have 10,000 hours under your belt, the way through failing is in the reps!

Quality of production also is key. Crucial to production is reference mixing. Play your favorite songs along side the music you make. Switch from listening to one element of your favorite song to your current creation. This tells you immediately what parts of the song need improvements.


2. Improve Your Marketing

Marketing is the other side of the music coin. Great product with poor marketing will mostly lead to failure. The visuals, messages, and images matter. First impressions tell what you stand for, what you are all about, and influences the fans thoughts on the quality of your music.

3. Leverage Others Audience

Have great music and clear professional marketing. This will produce success for you. When it comes to leverage others audiences will speed up success. This creates exposure to reach more people.

Collaborations are the center point for putting this into practice. When an up and coming artist is matched with an established one, this speeds up the lesser known artists fame and recognition.


4. Be Patient

Have You...

  • Made music consistently for 10+ years

  • Put in 10,000 hours of creating music

  • Released hundreds of songs

If you haven't, then this is the reason you're failing. Apply the previously mentioned steps with this mindset and it will lift you from failure.



You now have understanding why your music is failing and actionable steps what to do about it.

Awareness is crucial for turning things around. Now that you know what the problem is, you can take the actions necessary to solve the problem and achieve the dreams you have for your music career.


Garold Rafa
Garold Rafa
May 20

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Garold Rafa
Garold Rafa
May 20

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