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Top 5 reasons this app is revolutionizing music forever

MariNation app allows you to buy, trade, and hold shares of music creators. Yes, you read that correctly. Artists are now stocks. As an artist, you connect your music revenue on the platform and create a music offer for the world. As a fan, you own shares in this music offer. Both receive percent in the success of the music moving forward and the artist makes money upfront to fund projects

Now that we covered the basics....

Here are our top 5 reasons this app will revolutionize music forever!

1. Deeper Connection

This creates a deeper connection between artist and fan. Fans have a great reason to share, promote, and do everything they can to support artists they have shares in. Because they stand to profit more the artist grows.

A deeper connection to music leads to more music made, more creators, and overall more people listening.

Imagine a world where you know you're making money from dancing and having fun listening to music!?

2. Money

The dynamic with fans and creators is one where the creator releases music on sites that allow the fan to listen 100% free. Occasionally buying a download or ticket to a show.

In the case of MariNation, artists and fans directly trade and grow together. The app acts as a platform for transactions to happen and we receive a small withdrawal fee to run it.

3. Power To The People

Creating music shares empowers artists to control music copyrights and make additional money in the process.

Fans gain power from part ownership of artists and benefit directly as the artist succeeds.

4. More Value For Music

Let's call it what it is. The world values certain things more than music. For example when you want food you have to give money to purchase it. In the case of music, you click two buttons and you're listening to the new Drake album.

We believe that if someone works just as hard and honestly as another person, who is to decide that one person is compensated more than the other. This is called the market economy.

MariNation evens the playing field when it comes to music. Creating more value by bringing a new system into place that generates more money for creators and fans.

5. It's Flat Out Cool

Turning music artists into stocks?

People making money as they listen to music?

Now that's cool!!

"The world rewards the person who gives it a new idea."


We will revolutionize the music industry together. There most certainly will be challenges, but your strength and ideas will bring this necessary change to the world.

We are primed and ready to create a revolution for the betterment of music!

Let's Go. Click Here.


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