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Jay Gilbert's Rise from Johnny Cash to Elton John & now Music Entrepreneur

Jay Gilbert


Jay Gilbert wears multiple hats as a music entrepreneur. He is the present co-founder of Label-Logic with Jeff Moskow, co-host of the "Your Morning Coffee Podcast" and a sought-after guest lecturer.

His professional journey is marked by the creation of unique online marketing strategies, showcasing his prowess with iconic names like Nirvana, The Police, KISS, Motley Crue, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, The Temptations, Ringo Starr, Johnny Cash, Guns ‘N Roses, Smokey Robinson, and numerous other distinguished artists.

We had an intriguing conversation about his career, advice for music professionals, and more to come in the industry.

Here is Jay Gilbert's Rise from Johnny Cash to Elton John & now Visionary Label Owner:

Building the Foundation of Passion

Our journey begins in the heart of the old music industry, where Jay Gilbert's days were filled with the raw essence of music - touring, writing, rehearsing, and playing.

These formative years laid the groundwork for a career that would later traverse the transformative waves of change.

Platinum Records

In the early days of the music industry, expanding your fan base meant gaining recognition locally—starting in your town, extending to the city, and gradually reaching the state and beyond.

Authenticity, passion, and a refusal to mimic existing styles or personas lay the groundwork for genuine musical expression.

To make it you need to take the chance of being yourself.

Expressing this passion is now more accessible than ever, thanks to global platforms and technology open to everyone.

Moving forward, success demands dedicated effort to cultivate skills and knowledge.

As one of Jay's favorite sayings goes

"The harder I work the luckier I get."

Working for Industry Titans

Jay has held pivotal roles at Universal Music, Sony Music, and Warner Music. This chapter not only captures the industry's pulse during that era but also sets the stage for the creation of Jay's own company, Label Logic, a platform designed to provide labels services for others (mostly artist managers).

While at Universal, Jay launched the first digital-only label, responsible for all aspects of the operations.

The groundbreaking label was featured on NPR, Billboard Magazine, Nights With Alice Cooper, and in the NY Times.

Music Company

It can be said that all experiences can aid in your growth.

Even if you find yourself in a role supplementary to your primary goal, maintaining the right attitude and perspective can still prove beneficial.

Opting for a role focused on learning, much like Jay's experience with major music labels, requires the patience to play the long game rather than chasing short-term results.

Ask. Just Ask.

The power of seeking opportunities is limitless when you continue to ask.

In Jay's career, he has found the power of asking for help. The people you want to work with, be around, and aspire to be are more willing to help you then you may think.

There is an art to asking for advice and help which can be practiced and cultivated selflessly.

People were once in the same position as you and are more than happy to help because along their journey someone else helped them.

Mentorship & Constant Learning

The music industry is an industry that undertakes a significant amount of change.

In order to succeed at a higher level and faster pace, find someone who is doing what you want to do, and ask them for advice.

If that person is too far out of reach, you can conduct your own research and study of their interviews, books written, people they know, music they've written, etc.

Music Mentorship

Mentorship can be physical or digital in this ever-expanding world we live in. Do the research and learn from people who have decades of experience to better your career.

Be Open To AI

Jay is very much excited about using AI to improve his artists abilities and brand awareness.

The traditional music industry seems to always fight change. Record labels fought digital sales of music, then Steve Jobs forced their hand, streaming came next, and now AI.

The only empowering choice when it comes to innovation is to adapt and make it benefit you and your music.

Use AI to:

  1. Save time making music

  2. Make more music than ever

  3. Reduce frustration from writers block

  4. Help with marketing campaigns

  5. Help with building a brand and the content around it


Jay Gilbert has had decades of experience working with the most successful artists and companies in the entire music industry.

These principles that have made him successful are free and accessible for you to apply.

When you follow your interest, ask the question, find a mentor, learn from the best, and be open to adapt to change, you will be successful in music.


Astral AI For Music Business

Thank You For Reading!! - Team MariNation


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