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Disrupting The Finance Industry For The Music Careers Of Artists


Disruption In The Finance Industry

Industries like finance have been around since ancient Babylonian times and make up a vital part of our society. We believe that this industry is ripe for disruption, innovation, and inclusion. Companies have already created platforms that allow less financially astute individuals to start investing money to grow for their financial well being as easy as downloading an app. This is just the beginning to change.


Most people view investing, finance, the stock market, banks, and all the rest as an elite exclusive club that only well educated people are permitted to. If these people only had the information needed with managing their money than they would see that this "club" is made up of people who are no more intelligent then anyone else. That is why we are disrupting this industry in relation to giving everyone the knowledge and tools to become better off financially through our platform that allows low investment amounts making it more accessible to the general public and introducing co-investing for people who you support creative careers and the well being of music artists.


Fans and supporters of artists can contribute to artists portfolios that will grow for that persons career, life, and the lives of their families. In return that supporter will receive a percentage of the profits. At a smaller scale, an example is if one person supports their artist at a $100 contribution and the return of the portfolio at the low end is 10% (which equals a $10 profit) then the artist would be entitled to $7 and the supporter $3. As the contributions increase so do the profits. This is a gradual proven increase to build wealth and financial stability for all involved.

Successful investing takes time, discipline, and patience. Some things just take time.

- Warren Buffett


It is an amazing time to be alive with all of the progress being made in many different industries. We believe people are being more and more involved with the different businesses and platforms they use based on the mission behind the company and the value these companies deliver. It is incredibly exciting to see users come together to support wonderful causes to contribute to things that matter to them.

We believe that this subject of supporting the music careers of people who are passionate and hard working at what they do through a solid method of investing will make an incredible impact on millions of lives around the world. People want to support music. Music is a beautiful creation and the people who give it to us are not rewarded financially just because the market economy values it in a different way.

Be courageous to join the movement of inclusion, disruption, and innovation by supporting the people you love and becoming financially free.


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