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This 1 Amazing Secret Will Change Your Life

I think you and I can agree that everyone in life wants to have happiness and success. These two words mean different things to different people, but by and large are the corner stones to our existence as humans. What if we told you that you do not have to wait to experience the things in life that you dream of for yourself? Sounds amazing right? Well you actually can each and everyday through visualization.

Below is our experience when it comes to visualization that we hope can benefit you in your life.

Our Visualization Experience

The Practice

  1. Shut off the lights

  2. Put a timer for 30min

  3. Sit in a chair with good posture

  4. 3 deep breaths

  5. Say the words "Visualize the person you want to become" over and over until you find the things you want

  6. Give thanks that they already have happened

We have consistently been visualizing the things we want to have happen in our life for this entire year so far. It has been amazing to feel as if the things we want to come true in our life have already happened. The way we go about doing this is the 6 step process above. That is it.

If you are new to this we suggest starting with a smaller time frame of 10-15min. Also you must practice discipline when it comes to the thoughts that enter your mind during your practice. The constant repetition of the words "visualize the person you want to become" will help you stay focused. It is ever so important that you give thanks to whatever you want to come true has already happened. The emotionalizing is just as important as the images.


The benefits of this have been incredible. Coming out of this everyday is such an amazing feeling. You feel so relaxed and calm about your overall life. In time this will become second nature. It is something we look forward to everyday and are seeing the results come into fruition. The fact that you can sit down and visualize all of the things you want to come true in your life and to actually feel and be in these moments is one of the best gifts we can give.

It's an amazingly simple thing that literally everyone can do. Not to mention is one hundred percent free. The truth of the matter is that most people aren't disciplined enough to sit down and do it. Which is sad because it is really that simple and the benefits are simply amazing.


We hope that you can take this information and use it into your life. Visualization is something that has made an impact in our lives and hope that this helps you in any way possible. We wish you the best!


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