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What 100 Days Of Writing Articles In A Row Has Taught Us (#1 Will Surprise You)

Writing articles has been something new to us over the past couple of months. It has been surprising and rewarding to see the impact it has made on our lives and the lives of our community. In this post we would like to share some of the main takeaways that we have learned that will help you in your creative work as a musician.

What 100 Days Of Writing Articles In A Row Has Taught Us

1. It Sucks... At First

We'll be honest writing articles for 100 days in a row was not always great. I am sure you have experienced multiple days where you didn't want to practice the guitar, singing, or producing. This is true for almost anything in life that you want to get better at, but after these moments of pain come great work. It comes down to pushing past the emotions that stand in your way in order to accomplish what you want.

2. They're Not All Great

Some are better than others. This is completely subjective but by and large there are some posts that have more value to our readers than others. This can be measured by feedback, views, shares, and a number of different ways. The ones that are great are the ones that provide you with value. If 1 person gets tremendous value out of it as opposed to a post that received 10,000 views and not one person got anything out of it, what is the point?

3. Everyday Is Different

Some days the creativity is flowing and everything is going well. Other days you feel stuck and want nothing to do with it at all. There are no bad day's if you make one step forward to your goal however. This is just life. To combat this is to have your plan of sitting down at your designated time and get started regardless.

4. We Learned More About Ourself

Sticking to this goal for 100 days has taught us something about ourselves. It has taught us about our weaknesses and strengths when it comes to writing. We saw that we were more knowledgeable about certain topics than others. Some required us to do extensive research and others we had already a good grasp of the topic.

5. You Can Accomplish Your Goals

This taught us that you can push your emotions aside and accomplish your goals. Emotions of not wanting to do something come and go within minutes. Once you clear all the excuses and noise surrounding why you "can't" or "won't" be able to stick to something you have a clear path towards the finish line.

6. It's Never As Bad As You Think

On the days you don't want to practice, have you ever started and immediately got into a rhythm? The build up was worse than the actual event. This happened to us on occasion where we would work ourselves up to not want to write an article or second guess the process. Once we just started to dive in we completely forgot about what we were getting worked up about in the first place!

7. We Became Better Communicators

It is interesting how writing, typing, and verbal communication are related to each other. We saw that as we continue to write about various topics that our communication increased in regards to vocabulary, eloquence, and pronunciation.

8. We Gave Our Value

During this goal we heard Seth Godin speak about why everyone should blog. His point was that if you were to die today, wouldn't you want to leave something behind that would make the world a better place? That is what blogging has meant to him and us. At the very least if this helps one person in the world it was time well spent. Now this blog will exist for as long as we keep it up and the internet is around!

9. It Became Fun

Once we got into the flow of writing everyday about different things, we started to laugh about some of the stuff we were writing and how we were writing it. It became fun to see how different title names attracted more or less people, how pictures influence people to click on the article, and all the different ways to grab peoples attention and see the results.

10. It Is Rewarding

After every post it was rewarding to see the feedback and progress we made over time. To see progress towards something is an amazing feeling. To say we were going to do this and to stick to it until completed feels incredible regardless of any accolade or reward. It is an accomplishment with ourselves which is why it feels so good to achieve it.

11. We Think More Clearly

Writing physically or electronically has been a way to get our thoughts out of our head and into the world. We see that when we put all of the thoughts in our mind into the world it allows us to clear up space for more information, ideas, and images. Writing has made our thinking clear to create new things we want to happen in our life.

12. It Helps Other People

People benefit from the experiences that you have in your life. If you are someone who has valuable information through events, information, and experience, there are millions of people who can benefit. Billions even. Regardless of what the interest is there is always a group of people interested. We have a great deal of value when it comes to the information that we give to our readers because of all the research and experiences we have. This is valuable to anyone who is looking to learn about what we deliver and it has been incredible to see people benefiting from our information.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our article! Thank You!


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