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Artists Need Money, Why Not Invest Money For Them!


Almost all artists and music creators at one point in time have struggled financially. This is the status quo for music in a market economy. The reason why music is not rewarded financially like other professions or industries is that music holds a different kind of value.

The kind of value that music has is primarily emotional rather than financial. No one really buys music anymore, we subscribe to listen to it. This by no means should discourage musicians but to understand that in order to reap the financial benefits from this line of work you need to bring a lot to the party (value, image, quality, marketability, style, talent, and more).

Artists need money, why not invest money for them.

When it comes to financial investing the absolute best time to invest was yesterday. Since yesterday is over the second best time to invest is right now. Time and patience are the best friends to successful investors. The fact that most artists struggle financially shoots themself in the foot with investing. Hypothetically speaking let's say in 5 to 10 years an individual comes into money and they "make it", and then decides to start investing. That is fantastic but they just missed out on nearly a decade of growth! We don't know about you but we would rather be financially free while we are still young and in good health rather than keep letting decades go by to maybe someday invest if we were to come into a lot of money that may never happen to begin with.

The Solution

Whenever you make a payment using a credit or debit card you setup with us we will take that purchase and contribute the difference in change to the nearest dollar. In exchange you pay a monthly subscription to use our service and to keep the site running. For example say you buy food for lunch one day and the total comes out to be $15.77. We will invest 33 cents for you into your account (the difference between $16 and $15.77). This will add up as you go about your daily life with spending money making more transactions.

What we want to be in your life moving forward is a platform that you can trust, ask questions, and receive great transparent value. There are no hidden fees or any other behind the scenes moves being made to make more money off of the user. We genuinely want to help people who are making the world a better place through music and creative paths. To give and bring to light that investing and being financially free is much more important for you and your family then buying some flashy item that will end up draining you of what you actually want in life is our mission.


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