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Why Risks, Impact, and Possibilities Are Your Future To Music Investing

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Whether you invest in stocks, crypto, or music. There are always risks, impact, and possibilities.

The primary reason you invest is to grow your money. You invest money in order to make more of it.

There's more than one reason to music investing however.

The "return" can be money, support to a music artist, or passive income in a fun creative way. Or all of the above!

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Here are the various risks, impact, and possibilities to music investing.


Risk is determined by how probable your investment in the music artist will produce more money.

Risk is also dependent upon your tolerance for it.


A well established artist with an audience in the millions, international appeal, and record labels behind them can be viewed as a "less risky" investment. Because you suspect this investment will pay big. Opposed to an unknown artist with low streaming numbers, unverified social media accounts, lack of consistency, and low followers.

A solid music investment is looking at the music artists influence and numbers.

The homework on these two elements will give you a probability to make money with this investment.

When investing on MariNation it can be advantageous to answer these questions:

  • How much traction does the artist have?

  • How big and engaging is their audience?

  • What are their numbers?

  • Are people trading their shares?

  • Do you believe in their music?

  • Will they be around for a long time?


The stock market or crypto market, your investment influences businesses and digital assets. With the music market, your investment influences people. The culture that person represents, the message they stand for, and what they do or do not support.

It creates a deeper impact in your life. You're now a partner in the music. Their success is your success. Your interests are tied to the songs you listen to.


Get Paid More For Music

Music investing will contribute to more creative careers.

Creative careers contribute to the human experience by helping people evoke empowering emotions.

This generates a lot of money to actually get paid to do what you love.

A world where people wake up excited to "work".

Positive Investing

Make passive income. Support what you care about.

Anyone can invest money in a company that makes products you don't care about.

This gives you money supporting something you care about.


Music investing has risks, impact, and possibilities.

It is up to you to determine your level of risk when it comes to making a sound investment.

You now have the frame work, the larger benefits music investing has on your life, and more!

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