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What Do Users Expect?

What Do Users Expect?

In this article we are going to cover what users are looking for in a music investment company. We will cover the main points that people want in a platform in various ways such as layout, mission, and the company itself. We appreciate all of our users/potential users' feedback in order to give them a great experience with delivering value and contribution.

What users are looking for

  1. Transparency

  2. Clarity

  3. Value

  4. Support

  5. Simplicity


Is important to users in relation to wanting to know where their money goes. An open book mentality towards giving users the ability to see where their money goes and to ask questions regarding anything around the matter. When it comes to music investing users want to know that when they signup and invest money with us, that their money will be invested into ways that will produce for them.

Please click the link to see our current portfolio of companies where this money will be primarily invested.


For most people this is a no brainer. People want clarity around how everything works, who is entitled to what, and what are they receiving in return. How this operates is that fans support artists through co-investing. A fan supports say $100 to an artist. That money is invested in the portfolio listed above and the profits on that $100 is split between the fan and the artist 50/50. With the fan being able to receive exclusive offerings delivered by the artist. We receive a small percentage of the profits and the artist pays a monthly fee so the platform can continue to run for all involved.


Users want to see results no matter what the industry or company. To provide value in the form of experiencing the joy from supporting something you love and to make money doing it.


Users want to support the musicians and artists they love. We feel a deep connection to these artists that speak to us through their creativity and personalities. Users want to feel good about where their money is being invested and spent. Investing money through a great mission while reaping the benefits of profiting off of it is a win all around.


Simplicity and ease of use is important to us today. Users are looking to accomplish what they set out to do in the most easy to understand simple way. We have the ability to make a relatively complex subject like investing into a package that is easy to understand and as straightforward as possible.

Make it as easy as a follow on Instagram

- @iknickerbocker


We strive to not only give users value but to exceed their expectations by going above and beyond for them. They instill trust in us with using our platform and therefore we will do everything in our power to earn that trust by delivering for them. The feedback and constructive criticism that users and potential users have given us is a tremendous gift to improve upon our services to deliver what they want. The company is solely based on the people who use it. The user experience and value is our driver to improve.


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