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5 tips to reach your fans with google keywords

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

You know the challenges of gaining more exposure for your music and the common solutions around marketing, paid promotion, and the rest. These five little known Google keyword tips will create the most success when it comes to marketing your music.

These five tips although extremely useful are a work in progress. Use them how you see fit for your music career. Do more of what works and less of what doesn't.

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Tip #1 - Be the big fish

What does your audience search in order to find music they like? For example if you are a country artist it is not a good idea to buy the top keyword phrase for "Scandinavian gothic metal orchestra" (feel free to give that a go for your next gothic metal release!).

You want to be the biggest fish in a small pond. From here we can swim to the ocean. Come up with a list of specific keywords that expresses your style.

"Make something people will either hate or love." – Rick Rubin

Tip #2 - Location, Location, Location

What location do you want to cause traction in? "The World" is too vague and will put you into the rest of the ocean filled with the millions of other creators. Start with the place you already live. Use your city and focus it as much as possible.

Tip #3 - Similar artists

Find more successful artists that resemble your style and music. Find keywords that bridge the gap between their career and yours. This will allow fans of an existing artist to find your music which they already enjoy.

Tip #4 - Most popular

This one is a stretch because you are focused on converting people into streaming, sharing, and following you as an artist. The more popular keywords you decide to buy the more people will see your ad, but this brings all types of people who may not be interested in becoming your fan. Use it with caution.

Tip #5 - Understand the industry

Whether you decide to use keywords with Google ads or not, typing in keywords helps you understand the whole music industry consumer behavior. Seeing what is most searched will help you navigate your career to great heights by tailoring your approach to other peoples behavior and needs.

Wrap it up

Google keywords will allow you to grow more fans and insights into the music industry consumer behavior. If you want to survive as an artist and avoid the majority of problems most music creators face with money, building loyal fans, and living a healthy full life. Click here to buy "The Success Guide To Music" with amazing insights, strategies, and expert practice steps!


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