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A Guide On Being Independent Or Signing A Deal

6 Reasons On Choosing Both!

There are multiple advantages and disadvantages when exploring this topic of being an independent or member of a label. Here are the main reasons for both being an independent artist or being signed to a label.

Reasons For Being Independent

1. Creative Integrity

When you are an independent artist you control your creative integrity. You have the ability to create anything you want. You don't have to live up to any projections by making music accordingly to others. Having more control over your music can be an empowering experience for you when navigating the different genres, movements, and personal beliefs you have.

2. Rights To Your Music

The rights to your music can be important to you not only as an artist, but also as the owner of your brand. The rights of your songs as an independent artist are almost always fully yours in relation to the money you make off of them and how they are used.

3. Closer With The Business Side

Remaining independent will allow you to have a closer look on the different areas of your career. In relation to the business aspects that are handled. You will have a closer look on the money coming in, marketing, contracts, and agreements. You can outsource all of these aspects as an independent but will remain closer to how this side is operating.

Reasons For Signing To A Label

1. More Contacts

Labels typically have a large network of contacts. Whether these are contacts for you to collaborate with other artists, producers, managers, or sponsors. The more people in the industry that you can connect to can influence your career in a positive way.

2. Funding

Labels finance your projects. The money they provide you with can come in all areas of your career so that it helps you grow your fan base, awareness, and return. In return for a label funding your career, they are entitled to percentages of your money as an artist. Along with rights to the masters of your music and what happens to these songs as a result.

3. Handle Business For You

Labels will put in all of the ground work when it comes to the agreements and deals that people approach you with. You will be able to delegate any potential offers to your people. This will allow you to focus solely on your music career.


When it comes to being independent or signing a deal, there are benefits to both. Given the information above. Ask yourself "what is a good fit for me?" Are you someone who likes more control over all aspects of your career? Or are you someone who wants to just focus on being a creator? Whatever you decide for your career continue to look at what is working for you and make decisions that are in your best interest at heart.


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