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How You Can Own A Piece Of The Entire Music Industry

Are you familiar with the percentages streaming platforms pay artists? The most popular streaming service Spotify gives just $.0034 to artists per stream. Being an artist that limits your options because almost all of your fans use this site to view your music. There is a little known way that you can gain more control of almost the entire revenue in the music industry however. This way you are legally a part owner in some of the biggest companies that control the entire music industry. Here is the little known way most people over look.

Owning Major Music Companies

The way you can easily go about doing this is by buying stock into these companies. This allows you to become an owner of the companies who control the music industry therefore having your money grow while you use their platforms! We act as your guide to effectively do this so that you reap all the rewards. The next time you go to listen or upload to Spotify you know that you are making money from being an owner of this company and not just a customer.

When you become an owner of a major company like Universal Music Group, Spotify, or Warner Music Group. Your investment grows along with the performance of the company. So as these companies continue to pay out low percentages to you as an artist you still are making money from the overall company itself. This way you reap the benefits from the performance of the overall company and still receive all of your royalties.

Most of the music industry companies are publicly traded companies. This means that anyone can own shares of the organization as long as you have a way to do so. For example Universal Music Group is a private company that is not open for the public to buy shares in. However the company that has majority ownership of Universal Music Group is called Vivendi. Vivendi is a publicly traded company which allows you to buy ownership. When you own a portion of this company you own a portion of Universal Music Group too. Therefore you own a piece of the biggest music company in the entire world.


Being an owner of the companies that control the music industry gives you more financial power and ownership. You can continue to make money from your music and make money from the overall performance of the music industry. Your returns will be in direct relation to some of the biggest names in music. Become an owner and continue to be a fan. It is a win win all around!


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