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How You Can Help Future Generations

The younger generations hold the key to the future of humanity. Never before have there been soo many advances in technology, healthcare, and information. This is a core component to the progressive nature of innovation in younger generations. Being born with the access to these tools and information will progress your everyday life with the future generations inventing more and more useful resources for you to use.

No matter what generation you belong to, there are common resources every person can give to people younger then themselves.


Wisdom: the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise. Giving a younger person wisdom is immensely valuable to their growth. The best form of wisdom comes from the ability to communicate a story objectively with the action steps taken and there results. Letting a person see a scenario play out that is similar to the one they are currently in can lead to successful results with avoiding errors.


Younger generations have a tremendous amount of resources at their disposal. When it comes to financial resources not so much. Investing money into the younger generation to explore new creative solutions has tremendous upside on multiple levels. Younger people tend to be more open minded, curious, and have a sense of wonder about life. Which is where creativity flourishes. That is why giving younger people monetary resources to explore new projects can breed innovation for society.


What older people can learn from younger generations

Younger generations provide change. This change seems scary in the eyes of many older people who are use to the familiar. The lesson is open mindedness in the form of viewing problems from a different vantage point.

If It ain't broke don't fix it

As the old quote goes why change what is working? But what if what is working can be improved? Older generations can learn from this. If something is working let's explore how it can improve to save you time in the process. If you could save yourself time by cutting down the process into the most effective systematic way, you would be foolish not to.


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