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Can I love what I do for a living?

The answer is yes! You absolutely can and should explore the things that you love to do and are passionate about. There are strategic ways to set yourself up for surviving the initial stages where you aren't earning any money in order to become valuable enough to make a career out of it. To be able to do the thing you love, and support every part of your lifestyle should be everyones dream in life. There have been thousands if not millions of people who have done it before and we will show you a couple ways that you can start with today.

Leverage Your Current Job

Most people find themselves doing a job that doesn't provide fulfillment. You are not alone in this as more than 84% of current Americans say that they "hate their job". This can be one of your biggest assets when it comes to financial pressure however. This job takes pressure off of you to make money from your passion right away. To put that pressure on yourself when going all in to do the thing that you love to do will actually decrease your creativity and will most likely make you resent that very thing you love. You will no longer find joy from it because the lack of money coming from it with your current financial responsibilities. Leverage the money from this position to start your career doing what you actually want out of life.

Live it For A Day

Take one full day out of your week to already act like you live your ideal life. Whatever your schedule is, pick one full day to experiment doing your passion as your career. Write down exactly what you think that looks like, how much work other professionals would do on their busiest days, and then go and do it. At the end of the day you will have a better understanding of the work you will do on a daily bases and how you will like it if it were what you do as your full time career.

Plan Income

To do the thing that you love to do for the rest of your life you will need to plan on how you will extract monetary value. Everything in some shape or form can provide value to other people who will gladly pay you. Formulate a plan on what value you can provide others so

that you can afford to do the thing you love to do. If your dream is to travel the world and play music for the rest of your life, you need to come up with a way to create enough value for others that they will happily pay you to do this. If you have a great camera that takes amazing pictures you can document the process and extract money from advertisements that want exposure to your growing fan base, you can create merchandise specific to people who love this lifestyle, or you can create an online product that services peoples questions on the different places you visit and how to book the most affordable places etc. The possibilities to monetizing your dream are endless, it is up to you to find the different ways to do so and stay in the game long enough to realize it.

Time Frame

Staying in the game long enough to find a way to make money from your dream is what its all about. To come up with value for others enough to support the lifestyle you want will take time. Have a long term mindset when it comes to this. Because this is the thing that you love to do and how sweet it will be when you can afford to do it everyday of your life. With this in mind a couple of years creating this value is worth it to you for the longevity of your life. What is 5-10 years of your life compared to the next 50? This is the mindset that you must have that will lead you to something very few people ever realize.


Key takeaways from this are to leverage what you already have, act for a day if it were your full time career, plan the income, and keep a long term mindset throughout the process. If you do any of these things you will be on your way to do that thing you love to do in life while being able to support whatever lifestyle you wish to have!


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