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7 Things No One Will Tell You About Your Music Career

You might have read a million opinions on what it takes to become successful as a music creator. There are a lot of great articles, but most of them scratch the surface on the truth behind becoming great. The artists you love seem like they have it all figured out, but if you were to dive into their background and stories this is the furthest thing from the truth. Here are 7 things no one will tell you about your music career.

1. It Will Be Challenging

You will be challenged in many areas. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. There will be ups and downs throughout your career. This can be the biggest factor when it comes to becoming successful as a music creator. Your ability to stay with it through all of these challenges is your greatest asset. Challenges come in many shapes and sizes. You will be put to the test on some level to see if you have the ability to withstand these challenges. Life has a way of bringing challenges to you that are specific to your weakest areas. Know this and overcome them.

2. It Will Take A Long Time

In the grand scheme of your life, a decade or two is actually not that much time. In the moment it can feel like a life time however. It takes time for you to fully build up the skills and audience you desire. Be patient with the process of growing as an artist. Your audience will build and grow as you and your music does.

3. Practice When You Don't Want To

You being able to sit down and work on the days that inspiration doesn't strike creates your identity as a professional. The difference between amateurs and professionals is this very example. Try a couple of ways to trick yourself into making it easier to do the work on these days. For example say you will only work for 2 minutes long. After that you will allow yourself to get up and do whatever. When you sit down and start even for 2 minutes you just increased your chances to do more work. You know as well as anyone that once you get going into a groove everything flows nicely.

Being professional means doing your job on the days you don't want to do it. - David Halberstam

4. Remove Destructive People

With all of these challenges in your music career it is hard enough. When you add critics who don't support your music career to the mix, it makes it that much worse. Instead surround yourself with other creators who are going places. Who are consistent and serious about what they do. This can only benefit you and your music.

5. You Will Face Rejection

This is natural. When it comes to becoming more as a music creator you will face rejection. Whether it is a collaboration that someone doesn't want to be apart of or a record label. Rejection is normal to growing as a music creator. In actuality this rejection has nothing to do with you or your skills. It has to do with the other person and their situation, not you.

6. Creating Is Half The Battle

Making music is half the battle to becoming successful in your music career. The other half has to deal with making sure this music reaches the right audience. Along with everything that deals with the business side of things like contracts, branding, sponsorships, management, and more.

7. You Are A Business

You and your career act just like a privately held business. Your music and brand is what you deliver to your fans (customers). In return they give you views and exposure which turns into royalties (money). Record labels view you in this way. They want to see how big your audience is, the type of music you make, and if you are a marketable act to reach larger people so you can make more money for them.


There may be a lot that goes into your music career. If you take these 7 things moving forward with your music career you stand a better chance to making it all come true. You have what it takes. The question is. Will you do most of these things long enough to realize your dreams?


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