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5 Tips To Program Success The Experts Won't Tell You

This well known secret has been applied by human beings for millions of years. It's made great people and allowed innovations you use daily.

The most certain way to succeed is to program your subconscious mind and create the life you want.

The subconscious mind controls 95% of you. This is scary because most people have no idea what drives their behavior.

Did you do or say that...? Almost all the time, its your subconscious.

You've been programmed by your environment from the time you were born until now.

Don't let the world keep programming you, it is indifferent to your life.

Take control and follow these tips to program your subconscious mind:

Tip #1. Affirmations

Think. Speak. Act. Repeat.

Speaking is a vibrational manifestation of your thoughts.

It's scientifically proven if you affirm something over and over you start to embody what is being said.

Examples of positive affirmations:

  • Today is a great day

  • I am grateful to be alive

  • I am strong

  • I am resilient

  • I've survived through all my obstacles

  • I can do this

  • I am rich

Who cares if you don't believe the affirmation right away... especially the last one!...

What you do is bring the results you want by repeatedly embodying them through speech.

Say something long enough, it will come true.

Tip #2. Books

Create a collection of books you've read that embody the topics and type of person you want to be.

The more you read words you emotionally attach with, it will program your mind.

Now you'll subconsciously think and act in alignment with your accumulated reading.

Tip #3. Videos

Video is the most powerful form of modern day engagement.

Short form videos have taken over the attention span of millions around the world.

Use short form videos to program your subconscious mind instead of being a consumer of accounts that want you to focus on them.

Long form podcasts, interviews, and playlists do the same.

Only follow accounts in alignment with what you want to program in your mind.

Tip #4. Writing

Writing is a multi faceted way of reinforcement.

Thinking, touching, seeing, and physically moving are all involved.

The writing process makes your thoughts a physical reality. In essence, it is what you do programming your subconscious. Make your thoughts a reality.

Tip #5. Visualization

Lets your body experience what you want before it happens.

The body cannot tell the difference between an experienced emotion and a visualized one. Let that sink in.

In this process, you experience what you want or who you want to be before the reality comes true.

Emotionally feeling it as if it is happening, will speed up the time for it to come into reality.

You do not have to wait to experience dreams. Visualize and feel them now.

Put It Into Practice

Key ways to get the best results:

  • Repetition

  • Emotionalize

  • Do it right when you wake

  • Do it right before you go to bed

  • It will not happen right away, be patient until

  • Create vision board

These will aid you in programming your subconscious mind.


Programming your subconscious mind has been applied by the most successful human beings who have walked this earth.

Don't let the world program your mind, it does not care as much about you as you do about you!

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