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10 Tips To Set Up A Home Studio

The way you set up your home studio can have a big impact on your music. It is important from an acoustic perspective where you place certain things to get the most out of your recordings. Creating an environment that will allow you to express yourself freely can help you create great music. Here are 10 tips to set up your home studio.

1. Avoid Windows

When placing your main work station make sure to avoid placing it as close to windows as possible. The reason for this is because when the sound comes out of your speakers it is absorbed by windows. Instead place your work station in the middle of one wall equal distant apart.

2. Clean Surface

A clean surface with all your equipment will help you be more organized. Knowing where all your equipment is at any given period of time will be most helpful to you when creating.

3. Speaker Placement

Your speakers should be as close to equal on both sides as you can get them. This allows the sound to travel into your ears for a balanced listening experience when it comes to mixing, mastering, and overall production of your songs.

4. Quiet Space

Find the most quiet space possible in your home. If you have a standard bedroom setup, this is fine. Any external noise outside of you making music will get in the way when you are recording, creating, and playing back your music.

5. Keep It Fun

Keep your studio space light and fun. Put up pictures, fun quotes, or even albums that inspire you. Having a loose work environment will keep it fun for you creating music when it may seem to get boring at times.

6. Make It Creative

How you can make your studio more creative will be specific to you. Ways to go about doing this can be having candles, fun lights, and any creative ideas that you wrote down from the day before. Have new and interesting objects you can make sounds out of ready to go.

7. Comfortable Chair

You will thank yourself for having a comfortable chair to sit in while you are creating for hours on end. Get up and move around at times you feel you need to. A comfortable chair will last you longer and be more important than you think.

8. Less Wires The Better

This plays into the organization of your studio. Try and hide all your wires as best as possible. Put them out of the way so you can focus on creating. Eliminating unnecessary objects in your studio will help you create more freely.

9. Instruments On Hand

Have your instruments in close proximity to your studio. If you have to dig them out of your closet every time you go to make music it will be a pain. If you can have them all ready and tuned that will save you time.

10. Make It Easy To Start

Be able to jump right in and start. The easier the better. Have all of your equipment hooked up and ready to go at all times. Computers, speakers, audio interfaces, instruments, etc. When all you have to do is turn things on it will allow you to make more music and in the most efficient way possible.


Use these 10 tips for you to set up a home studio. Make it fun and creative. Specific to your taste. You can have a great sound no matter where you are as long as you have your workstation, speakers, and environment set up in a way that will help you be at your best.


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