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Why You Not Using This Resource Will Make You Fail

You already know that it takes money to be able to support yourself and your music career. What if there was a way to have your support group be able to contribute small amounts of money to you in exchange for exclusive content, merchandise, and a percentage of your career? This may sound a lot like Onlyfans, Patreon, or Kickstarter. These sites are great for adding additional streams of income to you as a music creator, which we aim to do. The real question is, would they support you? Do you have somewhat of a support group that could at the very least cut down some of your monthly costs with food, living, transportation, etc?

What Would Your Fans Donate For?

Would your fans be more inclined to support your essentials to live? Your support group and fans are the most valuable thing to you as a music creator. Your listeners are the ones who drive your career in a sense. The way the music industry is currently structured, doesn't allow you to reap enough benefits from your music alone (at least when you are starting out). Donating to your living would allow you to focus more of your efforts on creating rather than paying your bills in other ways.

How Much Do You Need?

The more fans you acquire the less amount of donations you would need. Fans do not pay for music in and of itself. But the fan does value the artist that makes the music they love. How much they value you is up for them to decide.

Next Step

You simply will create an account in order to receive donations from your fans. In exchange for this money the fan will be able to choose from you providing them with content, merchandise, or having a percentage of that money be invested and them receiving their fair portion.


This mission of helping you receive more money in order for you to pursue your music career is the reason behind this direction. All of the donations are given back to you in order to make your living expenses so you can continue to give your fans and the world your music. There are tools for you to use as an artist to monetize your work, this is just an additional way so that you can keep pursuing your dreams.


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