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Why Most People Will Never Succeed With Music

The truth of the matter is that most people fail when it comes to being successful with music in relation to status, finances, recognition, and career fulfillment. All people are different and face individual challenges to become successful. Here are primary reasons why most will never succeed with music.

Why most people will never succeed with music

Self Doubt

A primary reason most people never succeed with music can be self doubt. This can eat away at a person when they see how hard they are working and how little results they are getting on the surface. Self doubt can most often come in the form of thinking that you are not good enough to become successful in music. This honestly may be true. The takeaway from this is that for right now you may not be good enough, but you can get good enough to where you are successful. When everyone first starts playing an instrument no one is good. Even Mozart or Beethoven. The practice over a period of time is what makes you good. Knowing this can cure your self doubt about your inadequate skill level.

Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparing yourself to someone else's career is a no win scenario. Comparing yourself to someone like Ariana Grande is completely ridiculous. She has been making music her whole entire life and has worked very hard over a multitude of years. This can be looked at as encouraging however. If you work like she did over that many years then you can end up in a place that is what success means to you.

"You Need To Know Someone"

This is an old tired line music creators have been using to justify their lack of success in their careers. Yes networking is important in anything. You must surround yourself with great people who are successful and highly placed in their field. This line is a cop out however. It is an excuse putting the reason for failure on something that seems to be out of your control in order to justify your lack of dedication, practice, and networking in your own life.

Poor Financial Habits

If you end up homeless and broke, you will need a miracle to save your music career. You need money to support your lifestyle to the point where you can continue to focus the majority of your time on practicing and getting better at your craft. Money is an essential tool for you to use in your career so that you can stay in the game long enough, get good enough, and have that opportunity present itself you have been waiting for.

They Don't Think Long Term

As just mentioned, staying in the game long enough so that you can see the results is crucial. The majority of people want the results right here and right now. They don't want to wait. This thinking can almost guarantee your failure. The longer you think in terms of your career the better off you will be.

"I'm about seeing long-term, seeing a vision, understanding that nothing really worthwhile happens overnight, and just sticking to your script long enough to make something real happen." - Nipsey Hustle


These are some of the primary reasons most people will never succeed in music. The sad truth is that there are many more reasons why people will never succeed in music. These are across the board the most prevalent. Use this insight so that you don't fall victim to this thinking and behavior. You can become successful in music when you apply the right approach, frame of mind, and stay in the game long enough to be rewarded for it.

What are some insights you feel most people will never succeed...?


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