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Your Missing Money...

Imagine a delicious piece of pie. You are hungry, but you have to share it with the other people at the table. You are the one cutting and handing out the slices so you see who you are giving pieces to. When it is all said and done you know exactly who the happy individuals are that have a slice. Now you can look back at the tray to see if there are any slices left over for you to eat! The pie represents your money and the people are the areas to where it is divided. Taking into account where every little aspect of it goes is part of your responsibility of being the chef.

Why This Is Important To You?

After you were done handing out the pieces of pie you were able to to see if you could have another piece. Imagine there is an additional piece left over for you to have! Now picture yourself not knowing this. Because you shut the lights off in your house and have no idea where the tray even is. That is the exact case of someone who doesn't track all of their finances. They have no idea whether or not there is any left over or how much left over there might be. They also don't even know the people who they are giving it to in the first place! Can you see yourself giving your pie away to someone that has nothing to do with your life in any positive way? No, you cant. This is why it is important for you to keep track of all your finances.

Write It Down

The only way you actually keep track of all your spending is if you put it in some organized way. Helpful tools such as Microsoft Excel, Wally, and old fashioned pen and paper are ways for you to do this. The bank you currently use most likely has a section for keeping inventory on this and we suggest you explore this further with them. Winging it won't cut it any more. Your pie is being divided up as we speak with or without you knowing it.

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal

- Anonymous


Take it one small step at a time. Start to be more aware of what exactly you are spending on and if it is benefitting your life for your future. Whether they are personal, financial, or career you can use this insight on setting yourself up for some great success you wouldn't of had otherwise!


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