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What The Companies Who Own Your Music Don't Want You to Know!

There are a handful of companies that control the majority of the music industry. In every aspect from physical sales, live shows , and recorded music. The three main companies that stand to benefit the most from the improper balance of revenue dispersion are Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group, and Warner Music Group. Just 11% of all the revenue that is made in the music industry is given to the music creators themselves. This leaves around 90% of the total revenue to remain in the hands of these three companies. The reason there is such an imbalance is the fact that these companies own the rights to just about every song we listen to. If you are in a position where you control the music rights, the channels of distribution, and large sums of money that can propel a single song in front of millions of people you control the industry.

The influence and capital that these companies have creates a snowball of power. Power can be created from control. Control over the music itself in an industry where that is the sole product gives almost absolute control. There are ways for artists to regain control for themselves instead of trying to push against the inevitable. A way artists can gain control over their financials when it comes to music can be to buy ownership in these companies. Indirectly you are compensated for the overall performance of the companies who control your music. Using this in-balance to your advantage and becoming an owner by investing into these companies instead of fighting a battle that is a no win scenario.

Companies like Vivendi, Warner Music Group, and Sony are all publicly traded companies. These three companies control the music industry and when you buy shares of their company now you do too. This can be your chance to grow the money that you have and re gain control in a different way!


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