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The Definitive Guide To Maintain Control Of Your Music Career

Have you ever felt overwhelmed at all the different areas of your music career? Who hasn't right. As a music producer, artist, singer, songwriter, or whatever else your title may be, there are a ton of different things to handle that you may not like dealing with or even know how to effectively deal with them. This guide will prepare you to see if you are on the right track and steer you towards success.

The Definitive Guide To Maintain Control Of Your Music Career

Week Review

A thing that has worked for us is that every Sunday we sit down and do a "Week Review". This review consists of the positive things that happened as well as the things we want to improve on. Then we reflect on what is working and what isn't working from all different areas of our company & life. The key is to write what is happening throughout the week instead of relying on your memory. Then you can flip back and see what happened on that day.


Now that you have reflected and gone over your week, you can start to look at the next week ahead. What is something that you can accomplish and something that will push you out of your comfort zone? It can be anywhere from making a phone call to someone that could help to performing at your local coffee shop to get over a fear of live performing. Write it down and come back to it at your next "Week Review".

Let Yourself Off The Hook

In your music career you might have a million and one things to do when it comes to creating, engineering, marketing, networking, etc. This can look like a lot at times. Realize that you don't have to be a master of all these things. Especially the things that you do not like to do. Reach out to people who like to do the things that you do not like and who can help you accomplish them the way you want.


A great way to help you in your creative process is to ask your fans. If you feel stuck or uncertain about what to do next, ask people! Your fans along with the people around you will be more than willing to tell you what they like and want to see more of. Ask and listen to common themes that come up when talking to them.


Take a second to organize your samples, kits, instruments, catalog, and ideas. This can give you control over all the moving pieces. If you are anything like us, when we start creating we leave a tsunami of files and images in our wake. This is great for us in the sense that we follow the ideas that are coming in the moment, but after we are done things can be all over the place which leads us to organize the session we just had.


Control over your music career comes from consistency. When you set up times to reflect, organize, and plan throughout your week is how you gain control. This will help you maintain throughout the continuous process of creating.


Gain control over your music career by introducing this guide bit by bit into your life. The benefits this can have on your career success and sanity are limitless.

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