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The #1 Way To Make Better Music

You might find yourself in positions where you just can't seem to break past your current music level. This happens to all artists on some level. You seem to make great progress than you hit a plateau or in often times seem to get a little worse than you were before. Here is the #1 way to make better music so that you can push past these difficulties.

Consistent Repetition

When you practice consistently every single day you will inevitably push past any plateau's or setbacks that you face. Doing some form of practice every single day puts your music in a category very few have the pleasure of being in. Making music is a skill that you must work on in order to produce better music. There are ways to improve the quality of your mixes through technology by buying more expensive equipment or hiring an experienced engineer, but if you want to increase your skills and quality this is a great way you can do it.

How To Do It

Start Small

The way you go about making sure that you stay with it is to do something small everyday at first. Once you build the habit of practice then you can expand into longer sessions. Starting small allows it to be easier for you to stay consistent. It is more manageable for you when it comes to your time and energy.

Track Your Progress

Seeing the progress you made since the time you started will give you confidence. It will make you want to continue the streak so that you don't break up the pattern. A trick with this is to get a wall calendar and mark a big "X" threw the days that you practiced so that you see your results.

Make It Easy

Put that instrument in plain view where you will see it everyday. Make sure that in order to move around your place that you have no choice but to walk by it. This allows you to easily get started. If you put your instrument in a closet tucked away it may feel like a chore just to go get the thing out and start playing.

Reward Yourself

When you put together a good stretch of days that you practiced everyday, give yourself a treat. Whether this is in the form of going out with friends, buying yourself something, or just watching your favorite show. It will give you a sense of accomplishment and you will enjoy this reward that much more.


The most sure way to make your music better is consistent repetition. When it comes to you making music the only way for it to get better is for you to get better. You can outsource and hire engineers to make your mixes higher quality, but if you want to develop your music to a higher level this is a great way for you to do so.


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