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How to work a 9-5 job and make music

In our personal experience we have battled with the notion of "going all in on your dreams and being fully committed to making your dreams work." This is absolutely necessary, but it also doesn't mean that it is the only way to make your music dreams come true. This post is about helping you work a full time job and be able to increase the probability of your music dreams coming to fruition.

These are some tips that have helped us become better at music while working a full time job.

Tip #1 - Become An Architect Of Your Time

You are already giving 8 hours of your day away. Look at your time...take your time we'll wait. Where is your time going? How many hours are you watching TV, scrolling through social media, looking at articles, etc.

Being an architect of your time means that you know where you are using it and to start planning and logistics to use it wisely. Write out where your time is going and where you want it to go moving forward. Put it on paper and in front of you or fold it up in your pocket for reference.

Tip #2 - Small Consistency

Make creating music easy. Now that you have planned your time you can start creating music at a consistent pace along with your job. Become the type of person who always shows up to make music.

"Starting a new habit should never take more than 2min to do" – James Clear

Tip #3 - Make It Personal

Do you want to make music full time? If the answer is yes, make it personal for you to work through the inevitable times when you come home from work or if you don't want to get up early, one sure way for you to leave your job and make a living from your music is to make it personal to push through.

Tip #4 - Mix It Up

Experiment and see what schedule works best for you. Look at your life as a testing ground to make the most of your time.

Tip #5 - Use The Money

Your 9-5 job is giving you income, use it for your music career in smart thought-out ways. This money acts as an enhancer for you to increase your productivity, images and graphics, and to use your time and energy wisely.


These are key ways for you to work a 9-5 job and make music become a full time career one day. Subscribe to our newsletter for amazing content! Click Here.

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