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How To Have A Great Relationship With Money

How to have a great relationship with money

The way through which you view and treat money is in direct proportion to how frequently it flows to you. Think of money as energy that needs to be in constant circulation. This circulation should be into ways that will produce more money for you over a period of time. The more you continually put money into various ways for it to grow, produce more for you, and into positive ways will you attract more.

The Right Way To View Money

If you are looking for a harmonies relationship with your finances there are a couple key actions you can take today.

  1. Be grateful for the money you have

  2. Give

  3. Let it flow

Thank you money in, thank you money out

- Ken Honda author of "Happy Money"

The easiest step you can take is gratitude towards money. You can start right now being grateful for what you have. Every time you receive money or spend money say thank you for the transaction. This starts a harmonious pattern with you and your relationship with money regardless of receiving or spending.

The second and third points are both sides of the same coin in regards to giving and disengaging from the tight control and restraint many of us put on our money. Give can be in the form of starting a new income stream, investing in your 401k or portfolio, lending money to a friend in need, or buying a gift for someone you know will make them happy. Whatever it is if the money is used in an either productive or positive manor only good can come from it. The other side are your emotions behind this. Letting it flow and releasing your attachment from a scarce and overly protective mindset will prove to be a bigger hurdle to overcome. Emotionally letting it flow will take practice and some discipline on your part at first because your mind will try and bring you back into a scarce mindset convincing you the way you are using it is not important etc. The practice of gratitude that you are able to spend and give will help you overcome this.

The Wrong Way To View Money

The wrong way to view money is essentially how most of the world views money. People are taught a savers mindset. Save save save. What people don't understand about saving is that the bank you hold your savings account in doesn't pay enough interest to even keep up with inflation. So that money in your savings account is worth far less a couple years from now then it would be if it were put into a more productive account.

Another wrong thought process with money is scarcity. A lot of people say that "there just isn't enough". "It's too expensive". The way you talk about money determines your situation. The U.S prints out pallets of money every single day, that's where inflation comes from. The more you print out the less it is worth. There is an infinite amount because it is constantly being printed.

Examine the way you speak about your situation with money. Do a self assessment on whether you can make some minor adjustments listed above to improve your overall life and relationship with the beautiful creation we call money.


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