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Avoid This Big Mistake To Make A Living From Your Music!

If you are someone looking to make a living from your music to be able to support yourself financially, then avoiding this one mistake will help you do just that. The mistake you should look to avoid is wanting more fans instead of quality fans. This is huge when we get down to monetizing your music. The reason most neglect to go for loyal fans first is that it takes more effort on your part to cultivate relationships one by one. Here are the main reasons this will help you and how to go about cultivating your first 1,000 true fans!

Why It's Important To You

When it comes to loyal fans who actively engage with your music these are the ones who will allow you to make a living from your music. People and relationships are the biggest driver to have a sustaining career with your music. You want to focus on fans who resonate with your music. To foster a strong relationship because they will be the ones who will come back over and over again, not purchased views to jumpstart your songs.

Types Of Fans

There are different types of fans in the world. You have your casual fans, semi diehard fans, and true fans. The casual fan listens occasionally and is around passively. The semi diehards will subscribe to your pages, share your music, and occasionally buy your products. Lastly the true fan is the one who buys all of your products, songs, merchandise and will stand out in the rain to hear you perform for hours on end. The goal is to cultivate as many true fans as you can to be able to monetize and make a living from music.

Cultivating True Fans

This is a process that will take time to build, but once you have your first 1,000 true fans in place and can monetize at least $100 from each of them per year, you will be able to make a living from your music for a long time. How to cultivate true fans is to start with people who already love your music. Ask them for feedback on your next project, talk with them on the phone, meet them in person and show that you genuinely care about them as a supporter of your music.


If you are someone who is looking to make a career out of your music regardless of how many followers and views you have, cultivating true fans will allow you to do just that. Start with people who already support what you are doing and work up from there. With this method and true fans, you will be able to make a living from your music.


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