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7 Reasons Why Your Audience Is Failing To Grow

Almost all musicians go through a stage where they fail to see growth with their audience. You probably have questions about whether or not you are doing things right, or if it's your music that people don't like. This is natural to look at all the possible causes your audience isn't growing. If you are a new musician, then a mix between the two is most likely the case. The good news is that you can improve all aspects of your career. From the quality of your music, strategies with marketing, and the people you choose to bring into your life.

7 Reasons Why Your Audience Is Failing To Grow

1. You Just Aren't Good Enough Yet

This can be a harsh reality for you to hear, but it can also be your biggest advantage. It's okay to not be good enough to the point where massive amounts of people are sharing and loving your work. The great news is that you can fix this in a very simple straightforward way. Continue to do all you can to become better at making music. On the other side of this is the music you are striving to create.

You have to write 100 songs before you can write the first good one.

- Taylor Swift

2. Failing To Give People What They Want

Artist integrity may be an important thing to you. The truth is that your audience is mainly focused on what it wants. If you do not give other people something they want in their life they will simply go to someone else who will.

3. Wrong Audience

Who is actually into your music? Focus solely on the people who continue to give you recognition, shares, and appreciation. They are the ones you want to cultivate as an audience.

4. Pretending To Be Someone Else

What makes a successful artist is one who is authentically themselves. People are smart in the sense that they can see through fake personas. If you are authentic in your music it will show people who you are, which will make them gravitate towards you more.

5. Looking For Quick Results

Promotion seems to be a buzz word when it comes to artists looking to "blow up". Most of the promotion you see on the internet is a waste of your time and money. These offer you quick results to "reach millions" of people. In almost all cases this will not progress your career in the way you want it to.

6. Thinking Views Means Growth

Views reflect the number of people who looked at your music. This does mean growth in the sense that more people looked at your music than a previous song. This does not mean that your audience has grown however. Your audience is more important than your views. Loyal fans last a lifetime, quick views are gone tomorrow.

7. You Don't Reach Out To Them

Show the fans who support you appreciation. If you neglect to show your fans appreciation back at the initial stages of your career they will soon move on. Reaching out to your fans on a personal level will mean more to them, you , and your career than you know.


The reason your audience is failing to grow is a reflection of you. Whether you need to be patient, change the strategy, or simply get better will allow you to cultivate that loyal audience you have been looking for. Remember that it starts with one person loving your music. A common misconception is that you will suddenly have one million people all love your music. It's a gradual process that you must take care of the few first.

How can we continue to help you? We love all your feedback and ideas!

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