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5 Tips To Help You As An Artist In School

Juggling course work and making music can be a lot on you. Which is why these 5 tips may help you to deal with your school work while pursuing music. Standing out as an artist may be no different whether you are in school or not. There are some advantages that being in school brings you that you may not have out in the world however.

1. Instant Feedback

In order to progress and stand out as an artist, feedback is your best friend. The benefit to being at school is that you see your friends and teachers almost every single day. You can continuously ask them for genuine feedback and ideas on the music you have and plan on releasing.

2. Experiment

There is no better way to experiment different styles and creative projects than at school. Most likely you have a music department that has access to a lot of different instruments. You can try new elements in your recordings at no cost and inconvenience to you.

3. Shows & Events

At universities there are always shows, performances, or events going on. Be apart of these events to practice and grow your reputation. Whether it be on stage as a performance or in the background for an alumni event. Building the practice and reputation of your music can most certainly help you.

4. Live On A Low Budget

While you are in school a great benefit for you is that it doesn't take much to live off of a low budget. This can be used as a strength in the sense that you have more money for your music to explore risks you wouldn't else otherwise explore. So stop buying Starbucks and only use the cafeteria that your school has! It all adds up.

5. Make College Music

There are a handful of people who have became successful artists by making music around the topics of college. This doesn't mean that you have to always continue to make music and write songs around the notion of the college experience, but it can provide to be a niche for you to get started and to appeal to an audience.


Being an artist in college provides many advantages to you. You don't have a lot to loose exploring your music in a lot of different ways, but everything to gain. Use these tips to make the most out of your music while you are in this opportunistic time of your life!


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