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5 Little Known Reasons Why Artists Chase Money And Fame

When aspiring artists are going for rich and fame in and of itself, it usually leads to an unsatisfied demise. The reason this happens is the fact that these two things are not fulfilling by themselves. Both of these goals are tremendous drivers in our society today and are great goals to motivate you to reach a higher potential of yourself as an artist. But to strive just for rich and fame usually leads to catastrophe. Here are 5 little known reasons why artists chase money and fame.

1. Social Influence

In our society you are influenced to work towards being rich and famous. Most people think more things and the acceptance of a large group of people leads to a happy life. The reality is that these things will not provide you with long lasting meaning. The acceptance of others will only validate your ego which can become more and more fragile in the likely hood that someone tries to knock you down.

2. To Be Like Someone Else

A dangerous thing that we all fall pray to is comparing yourself to someone else. You strive to be like your favorite artist because you see traits that you admire in them and want to reflect these traits back onto your life. This is natural in the sense of wanting to become a better version of yourself. But will not lead to your ideal life and give you the chance to express your unique voice by imitating someone else.

3. Acceptance

This plays into the pressure society puts on you. You want people to accept you. Your music, your style, and everything you stand for. The need for acceptance comes in all shapes and sizes. Most prominently with your peers. You may think that more and more people will accept you the more rich and famous you become. This can look true externally but as soon as your life doesn't fit other peoples agenda or someone new comes along, this can fall apart rapidly.

4. Validation

People want validation from others that what they are doing is right. You can think that others validating your work in the form of showing you appreciation is a good thing. In often times it is. The continued feedback and validation enlarges most peoples idea that they are amazing and the minute they hear constructive or destructive criticism it throws them down a spiral that can damage their self esteem.

5. A Better Life

Chasing money and fame isn't all bad. The money allows you to live life on your terms and to put it to great use. The fame allows you to impact a large number of people to make their lives that much better. With these two things comes great responsibility in the sense of power. Now that you are here it is up to you to leave a large impact on the world in your unique way so that we can all benefit.


Why artists chase money and fame are for many reasons that include social influence, to become like someone else, acceptance, validation, and a better life for themselves. Chasing money and fame in and of itself is usually not a path that will lead to happiness, but it can have tremendous impacts to propel you further to reach your goals. With money and fame creates a tremendous opportunity for you to help a large number of people and to leave your impact on this life.


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