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5 Clever Ways To Connect To Music Industry Decision Makers

Having relationships with business men and women in the music industry can be helpful to your career in a couple of ways. These relationships could potentially open the door to more people, save you time in your career, and even give you exposure you wouldn't of had otherwise. Don't get it confused however that a relationship with someone in the business of music will make you an overnight success. In more cases than not if someone who is highly placed in the music industry wants to have a relationship with you, they will have a relationship with you. There are ways to put yourself in positions where you could come across one of these people. Here are 5 clever ways to put yourself in a position to have a relationship with a music industry decision maker.

1. Get A Job At Their Company

There is one sure way to be around music industry people and that is to be employed by their company. Of course this is not your end goal but it will put yourself in a position to mix it up with these people. Do you have skills and attributes that could add value to a music company? Whether you work in the mail room, front desk, or do data analytics you would put yourself in the environment. Getting a job with a highly touted music industry company could be an indirect way to start growing your music career and make that one relationship you have been searching for.

2. Linkdin

This one is more convenient and easily accessible. Depending on who you are looking to reach. Chances are these people receive a lot of messages everyday, but there is one philosophy that most may not be familiar with. If you give to them first and show value while keeping in mind that the more sought after the person is the more probability you have to connect with them. The reason being is that every other person is thinking to themselves that they are too big and famous to reach. Which actually leaves less people to compete for attention.

3. Send A Hand Written Letter

Do your research and find out the address of the person you want to connect with. A hand written letter shows that you value this person more so than a message on social media. It shows you took the time out of your life to write the letter and go to the post office and mail it. It separates you from the others who didn't take the time to write a personalized genuine message.

4. Conferences

With things trending in the right direction and full states opening up to full capacity, conferences will start to kick back up again. Conferences are great networking for you to meet a lot of people looking to do business who are in the music industry. We suggest researching conferences coming up to plan your trip and book accommodations fit for you. Remember that it is not how many people you talk to at these things, it is the quality of the conversation.

5. Hangout Where They Hangout

Find out where the people you want to meet hangout. Backstage at concerts are probably a sure thing to meet a manager, A&R person, and the rest of the artists' team. If it is a chance to meet music industry people that will benefit you and your career it is a worthwhile investment to pay the extra money for backstage passes. Look for people who have credentials and start to introduce yourself.


There are clever ways you can meet music industry decision makers. The best possible way is to grow a large audience of fans, become great at being an artist, and have a successful system that keeps your audience engaged. The more successful you get as being an artist the more music industry people will want you in their life. It is that simple. But until then use these ways to network and put yourself in the environment to meet new people!


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