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"How to download music": The #1 searched keyword in music

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

A simple yet insightful look into the psychology of the music industry and the people who consume it.

The music industry is one of the most volatile industries when it comes to change. "How to download music" is the number one music keyword for a reason. People are primarily focused on the digital download of the music they want to listen to for various reasons.

What does this mean?

To an average consumer probably nothing. To an artist, a record label, and the rest of the music industry a whole lot! The vast majority of the industry is made up of the ones who consume it (the entire world).

This insight means that people are mainly focused on offline digital downloading of songs. The accessibility of offline music streaming is the primary focus of most people. The actions of them asking questions around it are indicators that this is a hot button topic for anyone in the music industry.

Where is this heading?

Music consumers want complete autonomy to stream music from anywhere at any time at the lowest possible cost. The demands are becoming more and more for the consumer. Artists, producers, and labels need to find ways to leverage their music with distribution channels that put focus on the importance of music as an asset class, music artists rights, and songs being a valuable entity in the marketplace.


Monitoring consumers behavior will prove to be massively beneficial to you and your music career. Seeing the trends happen in live time with a solid plan to capitalize on them will put you in a great position to succeed.

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