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Insights From 3x Gold Winning Music Producer (Diiamoond)

Diiamoond is an executive producer, beat maker and a songwriter originally from Prato, Italy. Diiamoond gained recognition in the hip-hop industry by producing tracks for Kap G, K CAMP, amongst others.

Featured Songs:

Be Different

First and foremost, a producer must always have in mind that there is constantly going to be a lot of competition.

When there is a lot of competition you must always showcase your own thing as the best in any possible way. Being yourself and perfecting your craft helps in this process. The focus should be not on any other producer and how you can imitate their sound, but rather to further develop your own sound. Make your unique sound the best it possibly can be while delivering what the artist needs in their production.

Market Yourself

Producers need to also learn how to market themselves. As a producer, you always need to think that you are a brand. And as a brand, you must deliver quality products, or else no one will buy. The quality of a brand is related to the price."

Delivering value to others can propel a career towards lasting relationships and opportunities. Valuable beats, mixing, and or mastering is worth it to artists whose primary focus is on the other aspects of the song. Value is a perception to how the other person sees a product good and service. If the other sees great value then they will want that even more. Have value by becoming great at production and all of the things that go above and beyond for the artist. Value also comes with previous projects that have been successful in the past. Others look at this to create success in their own careers.


Delivering value to others in your own unique way is the surest way to achieve success as a music producer. The key is to go above and beyond what is asked of you as a producer. Doing more than what is required will always differentiate yourself, your music, and increase your connection to the people you work with.


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