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3 Tips To Make Specific Music

A common trap that musicians get into is making music that they think everyone will like. When you haven't seen the traction you are looking for, you then go and think that you need to appeal to a larger audience. This is a trick your mind plays that can deviate you from your genre, style, and the very thing that makes you unique. Stay the course and continue to make music that you are the best at. The more specific and unique your style the more attractive you will be for the right kind of audience.

3 Tips To Make Specific Music

1. Define Your Audience

Defining your audience is crucial to know what style you are going to make. Have a clear road map about your audience. Once you know who your audience is over time, you will have a tremendous advantage to cultivate a loyal following. The more authentic and specific you can be with your music the better it is for your career success.

Questions to answer:

  1. How old are they?

  2. What do they do for a living?

  3. Are they in school?

  4. Where do they live?

  5. What do they like to do?

  6. What are some other musicians they like?

  7. What other genres do they like?

  8. What groups do they belong to?

  9. How often do they listen to your style of music?

  10. Do they go to live shows?

2. Half Will Love It, Half Will Hate It

The concept of being specific means that a lot of people will love it and a lot will hate it. If you are not making the music for everyone then everyone won't enjoy it. You are looking to create great work for less number of people. The reason you are doing this is because it creates unique music that can have a bigger impact on people. The impact doesn't mean numbers and views. It means the feeling your listeners get when they hear it. You are creating more value for them this way.

If you are doing it right, half will love it and half will hate it.

- Rick Rubin Producer (Jay Z, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Adele, Eminem)

3. Target Genre

Genre's have styles within them called sub genre's. Hip-Hop is a genre, but Trap is a sub genre within Hip-Hop. The more in depth you can go with this the more specific your sound will be. You can create any number of different sub genre's with bigger genre's to find your specific sound. Experiment and go crazy with mixing and matching different styles together. You just might find something no one has ever thought of!


Formulate a clear road map, make something only half will enjoy, and target a genre that has a unique new specific sub genre attached to it to find your specific sound.

Keep Going, Keep Exploring, And Keep Making Great Work! #MariNation


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