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  • Vivek Mehmi

3 Tips Chess Can Teach You About Music

Guest Post: Vivek Mehmi

If you haven’t played chess, I highly recommend it!

After 10 years of not playing, I decided to revisit the game.

Here are 3 tips chess can teach you about music:

1. Go Short & Long

Balance the present moment with the future.

Make moves now that benefit your future. We value moves in the short term more than the long term.

Great players know uncomfortable decisions now lead to victory later.

By accident, I would knock my piece down or forget where my piece started. In these moments I was fixated on what's next and not where I am.

2. The Trade Off

What are you willing to give in return for your dreams?

Your challenge is to make calculated risks and live with your decisions without guarantee.

Taking risks is uncomfortable, uncertain, and unfamiliar.

Uncertainty is where new possibilities live. Keep making the same moves and you'll keep getting the same results.

Take a risk, live with your decision, and keep focused to make a better one next time.

3. Use What You Have

Every chess piece has a purpose.

Your pieces synergistically used build a strong strategy.

Integrate people on your music team where their skills are best utilized with one another.

When everyone works in harmony, amazing accomplishments happen!


These tips will serve you for the rest of your music career and life.

The most important tips chess has taught me are now at your disposal for the best results in your music career.


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