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21 Ways To Make Money As An Artist

21 Ways To Make Money As An Artist

  1. Performing (Shows, Weddings, Out In Public)

  2. Royalties (Streaming, TV, Movies, Video Games)

  3. Teaching Lessons

  4. Sponsorships

  5. Physical Sales

  6. Digital Sales

  7. Songwriting

  8. Session Instrumentalist

  9. Youtube

  10. Merchandise

  11. Exclusive Content For Paid Subscribers

  12. Sell Vocal Acapella

  13. Sell Beats

  14. Sell unique sounds and samples to others

  15. Join an orchestra

  16. Become a music critic

How To Apply

There are many possibilities to making money as a musician involving your knowledge and talents. Depending on where you are it is advantageous to see which one of these is suited to your strengths. Once you have found out what is working and what you are the best at focus all your attention on becoming the best you can possibly be at this strength.

The truth to most of these money making avenues is that they will take time. How long? We don't know for sure, but it will take more than a couple of days/weeks/months to become valuable enough where you can leverage your following, music, and skills to be able to support yourself with doing the thing you love to do. This is okay! Focus on small steps, the progress you have already made, and how sweet the end result of your efforts will be.

Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better - Émile Coué

Ways You May Not Know About

Sync Licensing simply means that you allow another party to use your music for some sort of visual production.

Check out sites like :


Leasing Music can apply to mainly your beats and or songs. As an artist you can create a full song and lease (the stripped down version of it) to another artist for a set period of time (lease). You can set restrictions on the amount of use that person uses it for and the price on the different terms. Example we give you an instrumental for 6 months at $500 and you can only use it up to 10,000 streams. After this period or the stream count is hit we can offer you to renew the lease for an additional $500 or more given the popularity of the song and also say we want a percentage of the royalties.

Consulting can be useful if you are a more seasoned musician. People will pay you to advise and direct others who are looking to achieve the success that you have had. This can be very useful to your growth as well because the more you consult and give valuable advice the more skilled you become as an individual.

Selling Courses & Ebooks regarding the knowledge and experience you have had in your career can be massively useful to others. Any way you can save others time and frustration people will be more than happy to purchase your recipe!

At the end of the day be creative! Continue to try and experiment new ideas with learning what has worked for other successful artists by being patient and it will all come together for you.


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