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Who Wants Promotion!!

Promotion is a huge buzz word in the music industry. What we have seen with musicians is that not all, but a lot of them are fixated with the idea of "In order to become successful I need promotion". This mindset is an excuse for the real work that needs to be done. In order for you to become successful your music has to good. The time, energy, and effort our favorite artists have put into becoming great at what they do is the main thing that matters when becoming a better artist. Anyone can improve themselves consistently over a long enough time period to achieve everything they want. However practice and dedication are not as sexy as a quick promo or ad to reach millions of people saying it will make you into the next Beyoncé.

“The more you write tunes, the better they will become. The more you do gigs, the better you will become. It’s just kind of like the facts of life; the practice makes perfect thing.

- Ed Sheeran

However there is value in the right kind of promotion. We will walk you through the best ways to go about gaining more attention to help your already great music!

Influencer Promotion

Influencer promotion can come in a couple different forms on a couple different platforms. You must first target an account on a social media platform that has a lot of your fans already on it. The reason being is that if you are an R&B singer who does slower style songs, we don't want to target a heavy metal account to have almost no one interested in your style. Pick an account that you feel their following would be into your style of music. In order to choose the right platform, person, and or account you must before know where your audience is. It can be a facebook group, instagram personality, or any sort of genre specific account. Also research the overall credibility of the account. Do their posts have actual people commenting on their posts? Have previous artists had success making a deal with this account? Do they have a credible website? Your job is to search for a credible account that is genre specific where your fans congregate with solid retention from their following.

Leverage What You Have

Your existing fans already love you! Create fun new ways that incentivize them to continue to tell their friends and family about your music. To share your already existing songs with adding rewards for up coming releases. Notice that you are creating an engaging experience for your fans with offering something in return for their generosity! People respond best when you give them value. Show your already existing fan base love and cultivate those relationships one by one because they will be your core foundation for your entire career.


Leveraging already existing communities with influencer promotion and your fan base are two amazingly simple ways to create more attention around your music. Come up with fun new creative ways to keep people engaged in your work. Incentivize people to share your music. Continue to give as much as possible to your fans that appreciate your work. It may surprise you how much this can make the difference. We believe focusing on the quality of your music first and foremost with utilizing these two strategies will be immensely beneficial to your career.


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