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Touring On A Budget

Pricing & how to make the most of your money

As more and more venues start to open back up, you are probably chomping at the bit to start your live performances again. We have broken down important considerations when you look to take your band, group, or solo act on the road. Depending on where you are in your career, how much per show you are making will influence the numbers. Here are cost friendly ways with the bare necessities you need, so you can afford to tour before your future record label foots the bill.


Everyone needs a place to sleep right? Booking a hotel or Airbnb for a rate of $50-$100 a night for a month long tour would be around $1,550-$3,100. Depending on how many people you have you could make do with less or more on this price. If it is a month long tour have the frame of mind going into it that the group will suck it up for 31 days and after can re group to save you some money!


How will you and your group get around? Van, rental car, or air fare?

For a basic van rental setup with a truck that costs $150 to fill up, your monthly cost for transportation are in the neighborhood of $2,500 - $3,500. This factors in toll expenses, parking, and additional maintenance that may be needed for the car. Companies like Turo, Enterprise, and Hertz will be able to suit your needs when it comes to booking a vehicle at an affordable price. You want to travel in the most efficient cost friendly way. With multiple people in your group this is your best bet from going city to city.


Having insurance the more elaborate your shows get will be a good idea. Protecting yourself in the unlikely event that an audience member gets hurt, something gets stolen, or anything else that could go wrong on the road. Costs of insurance for individual shows range from $59 per show. Insurance for a month long tour for 25 shows at $60 a show equals roughly $1,500. This number can increase the more members you have in your production and equipment team as well.

Crew Salaries & Per Diems

Members of your team include but not limited to musicians, sound engineers, choreographers and dancers, managers, and equipment setup. Your team is smaller than this and the people who you take with you will be there to support you, but they should be compensated for their efforts. Estimated costs $1,000- $7,500.

Final Costs

For your cost friendly month long tour you are looking at an estimated price of $6,500 - $10,000. This includes your accommodations, transportation, Insurance, and crew salaries. This doesn't include all the show revenue you will be making so take that into consideration along with the potential exposure and added depth that live performances have on fans. Take this information and do some math about some of the added elements that you may need (merchandise, promoters, booking agents, etc) and elements that you can cut down on.


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