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This Little Known Secret Will Help You Achieve Success

There are many principles to follow when it comes to achieving success. Principles like persistence, perseverance, and discipline are at the forefront of this topic and rightfully so. The one principle that many overlook is something called the circle of competence. The circle of competence is a mental model of something that matches your skills and expertise. Here is how you can define your circle and be on your way to using this little known secret to your advantage.

Defining Your Circle Of Competence

What is the one thing that you do better than anyone that takes the least amount of effort? When you match this and are excited to do this thing everyday you can then cultivate your expertise. Once you have your expertise, have practiced your industry, and know what you do to a tee you have your circle of competence. The circle consists of what industry you are in, what area of the industry, and how you go about doing it.

How To Use IT

You now put this into action by staying in the realm of your expertise. For example say you are a firefighter and your area of expertise is being a firefighter and distinguishing fires , preventing fires, and saving lives in given situations. This person wouldn't then go out and give accounting advice to a family on how they can turn their financial situation around, you would let a professional handle this. No one is better than the other, but the area of expertise determines your circle and how you can consistently be successful if you get that much better at what you already are good at!


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