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The Unknown Journey Of An Artist

How to financially support yourself for the long term

The road to become a successful artist brings many trials and tribulations. The primary one being finances. To have the success you want to have as an artist takes many hours to perfect your craft. At first your monetary returns are few and far between. Needing to work long hours to perfect your craft while not being compensated in return is a bit of a catch-22. Because you still have financial responsibilities to take care of. Here is what you can do to become a successful artist and become financially free.

Fiscal Responsibility

However much you have, practice being responsible with your money. In often times people have the outlook that they will suddenly be responsible with their money when they have more. This couldn't be further from the truth. Whether you have $1 in the bank or $10 million. It is necessary for you to spend your money wisely along with putting it to work for you wherever you are. When you do this with small amounts now, you will have gained the discipline to do this when you have $10 million dollars in the bank. It is just like playing the guitar. You need to practice when you are horrible and cant line up your hands properly in order to be able to play any song at any time. This is why fiscal responsibility right now is important to you.

Game Plan

What is your plan? Your plan with your finances, your career, and your future. Knowing what the destination looks like will give you clarity. Your plan is specific to you in all different areas. This plan will give you focus and a target on what spending, investing, and savings looks like for you. You will end up at this beautiful destination you created for yourself only when you know where you are going and how you will get there.

your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow

- Robert Kiyosaki


Investing ties into fiscal responsibility in relation to saving 20-30% of your income for your financial future. Your financial future is begging you to take action on investing today. To be responsible today so that 20 years in the future you can have your feet up on a beach sipping piña coladas singing and playing music! A lot of people don't see this. Saving this amount of money and being discipline now so that they can one day do this. You are not like that however. You see investing and being discipline now by saving this percentage to take care of your future self. You will thank yourself for doing this!


The journey of an artist is filled with trials and tribulations that most people cannot fathom. The financial hardships that you and millions of artists have faced are simply avoidable. It is not easy, but it is simple to become financially responsible for your life and your future. Take this information as a guide to be revisited if you find yourself lost and off track. We are more than capable to help you find your destination and a plan to get you there!


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